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High Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho

1820-130 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4
Tel: + 1-613-234-0770
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Authentications and Apostilles


Sometimes foreign governments need proof that Lesotho documents, or the signatures on them are genuine before they can accept them, we are able to certify that the signature, stamp or seal on a document is genuine by checking it against a copy held in file of the issuing authorities. We are able to issue authentications or Apostilles that signatures, stamps or official seal on a Lesotho Public Document is not fraudulent.


Because Lesotho Honorary Consuls cannot issue authentications and Apostilles, this process may take upto 14 days allowing for mailing and database confirmations.


Are you a Mosotho emigrating to Canada or a returning Canadian?

The Mission is ready to assist you in all your authentication needs, however; to avoid the inconvenience of having to obtain authentications or Apostilles of your Lesotho documents, we recommend that you have the following documents with you prior to your departure from Lesotho:


1. A Police Clearance Letter. This letter may be required for insurance purposes as well as for applications into certain jobs in Canada.


2. Driving Record from your Lesotho Insurance Company. This will be necessary when applying for vehicle insurance in Canada. Remember that no driving record may mean higher premiums, even if your license indicates that you have been driving for a long time.


3. Drivers License Authentication letter. It would be advised to obtain this letter from the Transport Department either at district traffic centres or at the Ministry of Transport, Assissi Road, Maseru. This letter is necessary when applying for a Driver’s License exchange in Canada. The letter should clearly indicate the following:

·         The Bearer’s Full Names

·         The Bearer’s Passport Number

·         The Drivers License number

·         The License Issue and Expiry date

·         The CLASS/ CODE of the license (and brief description of the code)


4. Certified copies of Birth Certificates of children born in Lesotho. Parents are issued with an original certificate and a certified copy, however, it would be recommended for parents to make additional copies and have them certified prior to leaving Lesotho.

Lesotho citizens should please take the time to complete the online Consular Register upon arrival in Canada to facilitate delivery of services to you.



FOR MINOR (below 16years), applying ONLINE and OFF-LINE.

·         Prescribed e – passport application Form

·         Newly introduced birth certificate with security features for children aged below 16years

·         Letter of consent of a parent or guardian

·         ID card or valid passport of a parent or guardian

·         Passport fee

FOR ADULTS (16 years and above) applying ONLINE

·         Prescribed e – passport application Form

·         Valid Lesotho Identity Card

·         Ten (10) Finger Prints

·         Digital signature

·         Digital photo

·         Passport fee

FOR ADULTS (16 years and above) applying OFF-LINE

·         Prescribed e – passport application Form

·         Valid Lesotho Identity Card

·         Two finger prints (left and right thumbs)

·         Signature

·         Two passport size photos

·         Passport fee


·         32 pages regular passport M400.00

·         64 pages regular passport M550.00

·         32 pages official passport M400.00

·         32 pages official passport M400.00

·         32 pages diplomatic passport M400.00

·         32 pages diplomatic passport M400.00


·         EXPRESS (three days) additional fee of M150.00 is payable

·         SPECIAL (24 hours delivery) additional fee of M300 is payable

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